City Tours

Point Loma/Ocean Beach

Suggested time allowance with travel 60 minutes   

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Description:  Two almost opposite communities living side-by-side: Point Loma is one of San Diego’s wealthiest neighborhoods, with a first-class marina.  It has a history dating back to the time the first European explorer landed on San Diego shores.  Ocean Beach, on the other hand, has a flavor all its own.  It appeals to a laid-back surfing culture that has not changed much since the 1960s. All walks of life and their dogs can be found in Ocean Beach.


Activity: Drive through an exclusive Point Loma neighborhood to an ocean side area known as Sunset Cliffs for a brief stop and a great photo opportunity of the coast.  Then move on to one of the most classic California beach communities.  OPTION B: A 30 minute walk in Ocean Beach on the longest pier on the West Coast; get an up close view of surfers in action plus photo opportunities on the pier.